Chronological framework

Documented in October and December 1394

Geographical Framework

Catalonia (Barcelona)


Embroidery in gold and silver

Profile and historiographical debate

As it was already noted by Puiggarí, and according to the testimony of the notary Eximeno, it is necessary to place Jaume Casalderos in 1394 in the city of Barcelona, due to his quality of gold and silver embroiderer and even since it is unknown the place where he came from. It is also known that he bought some census as it is testified by some documents dated in October and December 1394. 

Documentary Sources

Documented in October and December 1394, because of his acquisition of some census. Notary Eximeno.

Documents (n. Notary 43) AHPB, 43/25 and AHPB, 43/6.

Text: Laila Monge Simeón


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