PENAFRETA, Berenguer de

Chronological framework

Mid-thirteenth Century

Geographical Framework

Lleida (Catalonia)



Profile and historiographical debate

Traditionally, he has been consider the fourth master builder of La Seu Vella de Lleida, on Mid-thirteenth Century and before Pere de Penafreta's management (See DE PENAFRETA, Pere). The twelfth Century epigraphic and documental sources related to La Seu Vella de Lleida refer two master builders, Pere de Coma and Pere de Penafreta. The first one was responsible for the construction works of the cathedral from the last years of the XIIth Century to the first decades of the XIIIth Century, while it is generally accepted that the other one was in charge at the moment of the consecration in 1278. Some scholars and, among them, Josep Lladonosa and Gabriel Alonso consider that the first master builders of the cathedral were connected to a lineage of masons and master builders. It would be the case of Berenguer and Mateu de Coma, who were Pere de Coma’s relatives, as well as Berenguer de Penafreta, who could preceded Pere de Penafreta in the management of the construction works.

Even if there is no documentary evidence that supports this hypothesis, this idea was suggested for the first time by Lladonosa, who believes that Berenguer de Penafreta was responsible for the construction of the cathedral’s dome (LLADONOSA, 1970). Alonso took up the same theory some years later since he considered that Berenguer de Penafreta was in charge from mid-thirteenth Century to the moment of the consecration (ALONSO, 1976).


Attributed works

  • Dome of La Seu Vella de Lleida.

Text: Verónica Abenza


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