Chronological framework

Active between 1238 - 1256 ( † on 11th march 1256)

Geographical Framework

Catalonia (Tarragona)



Profile and historiographical debate

Frater Bernardus was the first architect of the Cathedral of Tarragona. His name is the first name which is known among the builders and the architects of the work. His name appears in the obituary of the Cathedral of Tarragona, where it is mentioned as Fr. Bernardus Magisteri operis ecclesiae. Historiography agrees to place his work during the archbishopric of Pere d'Albalat (1238-1254), when Raimundus de Miliano was the builder manager (operarius) responsible for the administration of the work.


Cathedral of Tarragona

Documentary Sources

Obituary of the Cathedral of Tarragona: Eodem die anno MCCLVI obiit frater Bernardus magisteri operis ecclesie [On 11th March 1256 died frater Bernardus, church master builder].

 Text: Carles Sánchez Márquez


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