Romanesque Art –– Patrons and Processes

Written by Magistri Cataloniae & Mediterranei. Posted in Scientific Activities Organization


Following earlier conferences on Romanesque and the Past (London, 2010), and Romanesque and the Mediterranean (Palermo, 2012), the British Archaeological Association is collaborating with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and the Research project Magistri Cataloniae to stage the third in a biennial series of international conferences concerned with Romanesque art and architecture. This conference, Romanesque: Patrons and Processes, is concerned with patronage – and agency - in their broadest senses during the Romanesque period. 


The research project Magistri Cataloniae has collaborated in the organization and has participated through the following papers:


  • M. Castiñeiras, "Patrons, Institutions and Public in the Making of Catalan Romanesque Art"
  • Anna Orriols, "The Artistic Patronage of Abbot Gregorious at Cuixà: Models and Tributes
  • Carles Sánchez, "An Anglo-Norman at Terrassa? Augustinian Canons and Thomas Becket at the End of 12th century" 


  • Verònica Abenza: "The Jaca Ivories: Towards a Re-evaluation of 11th-century Female Patronage in the Kingdom of Aragon"
  • Joan Duran, "The Cerdanya Ciborium: a Patronage Context for the Arrival of opus lemovicensis in Catalonia"