Romanesque Art –– Patrons and Processes

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Following earlier conferences on Romanesque and the Past (London, 2010), and Romanesque and the Mediterranean (Palermo, 2012), the British Archaeological Association is collaborating with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and the Research project Magistri Cataloniae to stage the third in a biennial series of international conferences concerned with Romanesque art and architecture. This conference, Romanesque: Patrons and Processes, is concerned with patronage – and agency - in their broadest senses during the Romanesque period. 


The research project Magistri Cataloniae has collaborated in the organization and has participated through the following papers:


  • M. Castiñeiras, "Patrons, Institutions and Public in the Making of Catalan Romanesque Art"
  • Anna Orriols, "The Artistic Patronage of Abbot Gregorious at Cuixà: Models and Tributes
  • Carles Sánchez, "An Anglo-Norman at Terrassa? Augustinian Canons and Thomas Becket at the End of 12th century" 


  • Verònica Abenza: "The Jaca Ivories: Towards a Re-evaluation of 11th-century Female Patronage in the Kingdom of Aragon"
  • Joan Duran, "The Cerdanya Ciborium: a Patronage Context for the Arrival of opus lemovicensis in Catalonia"



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Next 29 March 2014, Carla Fernandes, research of our Research Project Magistri Cataloniae, will hels the lecture "Imagens de Cristo. As representaçôes escultóricas, sua integraçâo nos rituais litúrgicos e alteraçôes iconográficas e formais (sécs. XII.XIV)" as a part of the International Seminar Imagens e Liturgia em Portugal na Idade Média.

Link to the program.

art'14 11th International Conference

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Next June 2014, Majo Alcayde, research of our research project Magistri Cataloniae, will held the conference "Identification of Oils and Protein binders in Romanic Paintings by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization –Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry", in the congress art'14. 11th International Conferencon non-destructive investigations and microanalysis for the diagnostics and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage.

Congress Inscription.

Paula Gerson's Symposium

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On 29 March, Manuel Castiñeiras will participate on the Symposium dedicated to Paula Gerson that will be held at the Columbia University with the lecture: "From Santiago to Jerusalem: Performing the Romanesque Portal in the Age of Pilgrimage".

Symposium's link.

New contributions in the research of the romanesque pictorial techniques

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The TV program “La 7mana a la Catalunya Central” (EL9TV) dedicates a TV report on Magistri Cataloniae's current research in collaboration with the Museu Episcopal de Vic. Judit Verdaguer, MEV's curator and collaborator of our research project, is investigating how Romanesque painters' work was done through analyses of pigments. This TV report could be watch this week in EL9TV, Canal Taronja Anoia, Canal Taronja Bages,Televisió del Ripollès, Televisió de Manresa and Televisió de Girona.

Defense of the Doctoral Thesis of Montse Barniol

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The defense of the Doctoral Thesis of Montse Barniol, Magistri Cataloniae research project' collaborator, will take place on Friday 8th November at 4 p.m. The title of the thesis is "Sant Antoni Abat a Catalunya en els segles XIV i XV: relat, devoció i art", and it is directed by Anna Orriols Alsina and Jordi Cerdà Subirachs.