New contributions in the research of the romanesque pictorial techniques

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The TV program “La 7mana a la Catalunya Central” (EL9TV) dedicates a TV report on Magistri Cataloniae's current research in collaboration with the Museu Episcopal de Vic. Judit Verdaguer, MEV's curator and collaborator of our research project, is investigating how Romanesque painters' work was done through analyses of pigments. This TV report could be watch this week in EL9TV, Canal Taronja Anoia, Canal Taronja Bages,Televisió del Ripollès, Televisió de Manresa and Televisió de Girona.

Defense of the Doctoral Thesis of Montse Barniol

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The defense of the Doctoral Thesis of Montse Barniol, Magistri Cataloniae research project' collaborator, will take place on Friday 8th November at 4 p.m. The title of the thesis is "Sant Antoni Abat a Catalunya en els segles XIV i XV: relat, devoció i art", and it is directed by Anna Orriols Alsina and Jordi Cerdà Subirachs.

Entre la terra i el cel

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ENTRE LA TERRA I EL CEL: claus per a la cultura visual del romànic al museu

The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in collaboration with our research project Magistri Cataloniae organizes a series of lectures about the keys of Romanesque art. It will include the participation of Robert Maxwell as well as three members of our research project: Manuel Castiñeiras, Jordi Camps and Michele Bacci. 


Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Europe: 20 years of research

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The International Research Center for Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages of the University of Zagreb organizes the 20th International Congress IRCLAMA Colloquium. It will include the papers of Manuel Castiñeiras, Laura Bartolomé and Joan Molina, three members of Magistri Cataloniae's research project.

Place and dates: Poreč (Croatia). 2th- 6th October 2013.

Colloquium's Program.

International Simposium on Ripoll's Portal

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International Simposium 

La Portalada de Ripoll: creació, conservació i recuperació

An International Simposium on the portal of the church of Santa Maria de Ripoll will take place from 16th to 19th October 2013. It will focus on the creation, preservation and recovery of the monument and it will include the papers of Manuel Castiñeiras and Jordi Camps, two members of Magistri Cataloniae's research project.

Place: Teatre comtal de Ripoll.

Simposium's Program.

IIId International Romanesque Conference

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Romanesque Art: Patrons and process

catedral de Girona relleu del claustre-3

The third International Romanesque Conference, organized by the British Archeological Association and MNAC in collaboration with our research project Magistri Cataloniae, will take place from 7th to 9th April 2014 at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

The conference focuses on the patronage in individual and institutional terms and means to emphasize all the processes related to it. The congress represents a unique opportunity in order to have a direct approach to the new trends in the study of Romanesque art as a whole in all its cultural and geographical diversity, from the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem to Norman England. Furthermore, it will consider some paradigmatic continental examples (Papacy, Empire) as well as the nature of the agents involved in the making of Catalan Romanesque art, including visits to the Romanesque monuments. 

Booking form.

Preliminary Conference program.

Meetings and Events de la BAA.


Síntesi. Quaderns dels Seminaris de Besalú. 2013

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  Síntesi. Quaderns dels Seminaris de Besalúid4 sintesi-thumb

Els camins de peregrinació a Santiago i el culte a la Mare de Déu en el Romànic. Num. 1, 2013 [PDF]

The Association Amics de Besalú i del seu Comtat. Centre d'Estudis, in collaboration with the Museu Nacional de Catalunya (MNAC) and the MICINN' research project Artistas, patronos y público: Catalunya y el Mediterráneo. Siglos XI-XV.  Magistri Cataloniae (HAR2011-23015), promotes an annual Romanesque Seminar, which hosts young scholars' research on medieval art history, giving them the opportunity and the ideal platform to present their first contribution to this discipline. 

As a result, it has been published this number of the Síntesi' magazine. It includes the papers which were presented in 2010 and 2011 sessions of this Seminari de Romànic, which were coordinated by Manuel Castiñeiras (UAB) and Jordi Camps (MNAC). Its topic, which is mainly focused on the analysis of jacobean cult and iconography as well as the Virgin ones, is widely related to one of the golds of Magistri Cataloniae research project:  processes of creation and reception of images by the audience.



Presentation of the project Magistri Cataloniae

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Magistri Cataloniae will participate in the study sessions organized by the Université de Perpignan "Pierres, techniques et méthodes: un dialogue pluridisciplinaire et transfrontalier" with the paper:

Index Magistri Cataloniae. L’anonymat et la signature des artistes dans la Catalogne et le bassin méditerranéen (s. XI-XV).

Friday 12 April 2013.